Personnel administration


Personnel administration


Authority, competitive ability of any bank are created by personnel, level of its employees qualification and clients servicing quality.

For this reason personnel is one of the most important assets of “Asaka” State Joint-Stock Commercial Bank. More than 2400 men including more than 1300 – are managers and Banking Specialists are working in the bank’s head office, 26 branches and 97 minibanks. 54% of employees are young men to 30 years, 53% are women, more than 40% have work experience in bank more than 5 years, 81% of Managers and Specialists gained universal economic education.

Workers amount regularly increases in connection with development network of mini-banks, savings banks, currency exchange offices, money transfer offices and other subdivisions intended for improvement of client servicing.

The principle aim of bank personnel politics is the selecting and preparation of high qualified, responsible workers able to adopt new and provide effective work in market economy conditions.

Selecting and accepting to the work to “Asaka” bank is implemented of several candidates by interview conducting, testing conducting – if necessary. One of the main conditions is the presence of higher economical (bank) education and practical experience by the speciality.

Persons with Bank College Diploma can be accepted to the initial specialist position. The main source of personnel reinforcement of the head office is workers gained professional and labour training in Subsidiaries.

The priority is given to high educated specialists while work acceptance. Range of workers educated in Europe and USA Universities, Bank-Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Bank effectively uses their potential, entrusts them responsible sites.

Regular development of workers qualification, supporting and promotion to leading positions of comprehensively prepared employees and young specialists having organizational abilities close related to their activity results, labour and holidays conditions development necessary for effective stuff work are priorities of personnel politics of “Asaka” bank.

Leading Managers and Specialists are directed to on bank study to Academy of State and Public Construction under President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Business High School, Bank-Finance Academy.

Another workers category increases the qualification in courses in Tashkent interregional bank training center, in own training center of “Asaka” bank seminars, Training Center of Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan and by training passing in bank subdivisions.

Bank Specialists are directed abroad to seminars, conferences for advanced experience, new bank technologies and products learning. More than half of Subdivisions Administrators and Specialists increased their qualification in 2008.

The best prepared young Specialists are accepted as Candidates to Administrative positions. Reserve staff annually confirmed by Governors. The additional training, interview on business qualification development is confirming with persons included into reserve.

Different opportunities for social housing conditions, holidays organization and personnel health improvement are used in “Asaka” bank.

Modern offices are constructed for majority of subsidiaries. Departmental apartments are issued to the best workers of Central Apparatus and to invited workers from regions to Tashkent city. Employees in Tashkent city are delivered to work place and back by service transport.

Bank has its Daughter Enterprises – comfortable boarding house on Issik-Kul lake, complex with training and health centers in Tashkent city, hotel for on business workers of Subsidiaries and Bank visitors. Vouchers to sanatorium in Chimgan mountain hole are issued in winter time in Saturday – Sundays (week-end). All these health services are provided to bank workers and members of their families by preferential terms.

“Asaka” bank personnel is integrated by unity of tasks and is oriented to new bank technologies and services development.