From the moment of establishment till the present time one of priority directions of “Asaka” Bank activity is operations with securities. At the present time “Asaka” Bank is one of the largest elements, investors of fund market of the Republic of Uzbekistan and investment institute providing broad spectrum of services for clients in different sections of the present market.

Emissive activity

Having be Share Company, Bank emitted 131 606 units of common nominal shares of nominal coat 50 000 UZS each. At the present time, Bank’s shareholders are Finance Ministry of the Republic of Uzbekistan – 98.33% of authorized fund and “Uzavtosanoat” Association – 1.67%. Bank authorized fund is formed generally in USD.

“Asaka” Bank in investment certificates market is Leader among commercial banks of Uzbekistan. For the last six years bank implemented issue of fully discharged eight emissions. Total value of issued investment certificates makes 72.5 milliard UZS. The work on investment certificates of the ninth emission is conducting at the present time. The present instrument allows to legal entities of the Republic of Uzbekistan to locate available assets to safe and liquid assets with different terms of reverse within one year.

Investment activity

“Asaka” bank forms backlog of borrowings in securities diversified by types of instruments, terms of reverses, issuing banks and etc on the base of own Investment politics requirements. Bank is shareholder and owner of fractions in Enterprises funds presenting different fields of economy, Bank implements holdings as for long-term as for short-term periods.

Since 1996 “Asaka” Bank is one of the most active members of State securities market. For the present moment Bank implements holdings to State Medium-Term Treasury Obligations (SMTO) with Uzbek Republican foreign exchange market which are the safest instrument of fund market of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Besides this, “Asaka” bank takes one the leading places among investors in the market of native corporative obligations, regularly manages by backlog for the purpose of incomes and risk indicators optimization. Bank implements investments by different terms, including Repo-transactions.

Services in securities market

  • Bank implements whole spectrum of intermediary services in “Tashkent” Republican Stock Exchange. Brokeragesfor native and foreign investors are implemented via “Asaka” bank Exchange office # 144 in “Tashkent” RSE.
  • Bank, the first dealer, implements for Investors (legal entities - residents) brokerages in the market of state securities, implementing intermediary functions in State Medium-Term Treasury Obligations (SMTO).
  • Beginning since 2005 “Asaka” bank actively implements operations by Inter bank Trading System (ITS) having be direct member of the system.
  • The advantage of the present trade site is the presence of market maker by all marketable securities. The securities quotation is implementing according to auction regulations allowing provision of securities liquidity in secondary market. There is the opportunity of the first location that shall interest bank issuers. “Asaka” bank is ready to become as securities market-maker of native bank issuers.
  • Bank renders underwriter services (Agent on locating) of securities emission. “Aska” bank has the reputation of safe business partner of Uzbek and Foreign banks and companies and due to this can provide issue locating among maximal number of investors. Bank employers will design the concept of emission, will define optimal percents of securities and the strategy of entrance to the market subject to bank issuer-company significances for the purposes of collaboration on new type of services introduction for more of bank issuers. Bank specialists will help to choose the trading site, authorized depository and other counter-agents participating in securities locating. Besides of this, Bank representatives will help to prepare and conduct the presentation of issuing securities among large amount of potential investors and to get the acceptance of issued securities to circulation in leading native trading sites (“Tashkent” RSE, MTS, “Elsis savdo” CC). For the present time three large projects are successfully released in this direction, by this, Bank fully implemented all obligations on securities locating.
  • Bank implements functions of purchasing agent providing modern and accurate transfer to owners’ securities, UZS, coupon payments and funds owning by securities discharging.

More detailed information you can get in “Asaka” bank Treasury Department by phone numbers:
(998 71) 120-82-28, (998 71) 120-81-47, (998 71) 120-82-26 (fax), (998 71) 120-82-37
E-mail of Securities Administration: