Asaka bank's Foreign economic activity



Asaka bank pays special attention to the development of relations with correspondent banks both in Uzbekistan and abroad, timely responding to the changes in the development trends of the world and domestic financial markets. Asaka bank evaluates its activities on keeping correspondent relations not only fr om its own positions, but, primarily, fr om the position of the bank's clients. The optimal conditions for them have been created during 22 years of the bank's work due to efficiency, cost effectiveness of payments, terms of execution and at the low level of commission costs.

Expanding the range of areas of cooperation and improving the quality of services, the bank systematically expanded its correspondent network. Currently, the bank has correspondent relations with more than 370 leading foreign banks of the world. Through the network of correspondent accounts in the largest foreign banks, Asaka bank has its presence in major financial centers of the world. The bank maintains correspondent relations with leading banks of Germany, Austria, Japan, USA, Great Britain, Italy, Switzerland, People's Republic of China, Republic of Korea, Russia and other countries.

Currently, the number of correspondent banks allows to fully cover all interbank operations conducted by Asaka bank on behalf of clients. If necessary, Asaka bank is ready to promptly conduct work on establishing correspondent relations with new banks.

The development of relations with the world's financial institutions has traditionally been one of the bank's priorities. The main focus in the development of relations with international financial institutions is cooperation in the field of medium- and long-term financing of investment projects, short-term financing of trade operations (trade finance), information exchange and work experience on various issues of banking, participation in professional educational programs, etc.

Asaka bank regularly expands its partnership with various local and foreign associations and is currently member of organizations such as the Association of Banks of Uzbekistan, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Association of Bankers of Asia (ABA), Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP), SWIFT, THOMSON REUTERS and MASTERCARD.

Asaka bank intends to keep on strengthening its positions in the domestic and international markets, paying special attention to the quality, speed and reliability of settlements, using an individual approach to the development of relationships with other banks.