​​​​​​​Do you need equipment or technical equipment for business activity? “Asaka” bank offers you to acquire it in leasing. Choose the equipment and we will acquire it for you.

You use it and pay us within 5 years.

General terms

Leasing term – 1 year to 7 years;

Leasing sum:

  • General projects – 10.000 USD and more in equivalent of national currency;
  • Micro-leasing – to 2000 - multiple amount of acting minimal salary.

Other conditions - "Аsaka" Bank (Public Corporation) renders leasing services only to the clients who have master depositary on-demand accounts in "Аsaka" Bank (Public Corporation) system.


The Lessee shall deposit minimum 20% of the amount of the leasing transaction in the form of money, or the Lessee shall provide minimum 30% of the amount of the leasing transaction in the other form of provision.

Leasing advantages:

  • Issuing the leasing transaction, you will have opportunity not only to purchase the process equipment required to your enterprise, but to reduce its cost essentially as the process equipment imported for leasing transfer is VAT and customs duties released.
  • Within the whole leasing period your enterprise will be released from the property tax for the purchased equipment.
  • The size of tax base related to the profit tax will be decreased for the size of interests paid for leasing.
  • Leasing transaction mortgaging provision will not demand considerable allocation as before the transaction term termination the leasing object will be considered as the property of Asaka Bank.

The list of documents for leasing project preliminary examination:

  • Copies of constituent documents.
  • License confirming the right to be engaged in industrial activity if the kind of activity is included into the list demanding special licenses.
  • Accounting report of the enterprise for last 2 years with Tax Inspection mark.
  • The documents confirming the rights of Lessee to use the premise where the leasing object is supposed to be used.
  • Business plan/feasibility report.
  • Intention contracts on raw materials purchase and finished goods sale.

The present list is not the final for financing issue examination, and Bank employees may request other information and documents related to the examined project.

Contact information

Ph: (998 71) 120-39-52 
Fax: (998 71) 120-39-83