Operations on foreign exchange and money markets

«Asaka» bank has qualified personnel backed by modern information, analytical and communication resources to operate on domestic and international financial markets. In particular, in this area operates a team of dealing desk, equipped with such information, analytical and trading systems like Reuters XTRA, Reuters Dealing 3000, Bloomberg Professional.

«Asaka» bank is a competent member of Uzbekistan Banking Association1 and contributes rates to it in the formation of UZIBOR and UZIBID. The Bank cooperates with all members of the Association in the domestic market and has reputation of reliable partner and market-maker in the market among other banks. On the interbank money market, Bank borrows and lends money in uzbek sums and foreign currencies for different periods at interbank market rates.

For corporate customers «Asaka» Bank offers attractive interest rates for its deposit products in uzbek sums and foreign currencies.

The Bank continually maintains and develops advanced technologies, and increases the skills of their professionals, which makes it possible to react quickly to changing market conditions and thereby improve the efficiency of foreign exchange transactions.

Currency — exchange operations

«Asaka» Bank offers flexible terms of currency exchange transactions in all major hard currencies with local banks and corporate clients.

Bank carried out the current currency conversion operations on the major world currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, RUB.

On foreign exchange market «Asaka» Bank collaborates with many large financial institutions, which allows the Bank to carry out currency exchange operations for corporate clients at the most competitive prices.

The Bank «Asaka» provides immediate currency conversion transactions swaps and forward on the major world currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF, which allow you to hedge currency risk for clients operating in multiple currencies.

For additional information feel free to contact to Dealing Operations Department:

Tel.: (998–71) 120-82-42, (998–71) 120-82-43

Fax: (998–71) 120-81-40