Plastic card


Plastic card


“Asaka” bank plastic card is:

  • Easy means for payment for goods or services in shops, hotels, mobile network, in gasoline stand, subway and etc;
  • Opportunity to pay for car-credits fast and easy;
  • Monthly income for average monthly money balance;
  • Exclusion of money losses while loss or stolen as you do not loose your money while card loss;
  • Exclusion of risk related with soft money falsification;
  • Easy, comfort control of money consumption by operation list on plastic card;
  • Holder insurance in case of loss or damage.

Salary project:

It is transfer of employees’ salary to card account opened for him in bank to which attaches plastic card.

This is a modern, adjusted all over the world method of labour payment.

Advantages of salary project are visible:

  • There is no the necessity to stay in line for money in the day of getting salary;
  • Salary will not transfer to depositor;
  • Accurate control for the accuracy of salary issuance;
  • Rebate tariffs providing by “Asaka” bank for cards holders issued by salary project:
  • Card holder issued by salary project has the opportunity to get overdraft provided by bank.

International plastic cards

“Asaka” bank is the one and the first bank in the Republic of Uzbekistan developed its own full functional processing centre on operations by MasterCard processing ( “Asaka” bank since May, 2002 is in international cards market. Created processing center and status of principal bank member in international payment association allow provision for bank clients broad spectrum of servicing on prices lower than competitor’s prices.

“Asaka” bank offers international cards free of charge having charge only payment for card issue. Bank offers the following types of international cards:

Maestro is accessible card for each case of necessity. Holder of this card can be everyone not depending on income level. It is possible to gain cash in international system of cash dispensers “MasterCard”, “Cirrus” and cash dispensers of Europe network “EC”, to pay for the purchase in trading points where Maestro card and European system “EDC” trade terminals are installed.

MasterCard Standard is accepted for payment for goods and services all over the world. It is possible to gain cash in cash dispensers, cash issuance offices, settle for purchased goods and services, order air tickets, reserve rooms in hotels, pay for services in distance (for example for the study) by this card in limits of account balance.

MasterCard Business is a corporative card issued for organization employees (Companies) authorized to spend their Company’s means for these or that limits.

For plastic card getting it is necessary to apply to any Subsidiary of “Asaka” bank and carry passport.