Information about the Bank




“Asaka” Bank is your safe partner in finance market!

To promote intensive development of Uzbekistan economy and its integration into international economic community, to make bank products and high quality services available for our clients.

“Asaka” Bank, implementing its mission, will abide the following main principles and corporative culture:

Social responsibility

  • Effecting development of sovereign Uzbekistan economy promoting by investment projects realization, servicing and financing of priority economy sections;

  • effective cooperation with international finance institutions and foreign banks that promotes country integration into world economy community.


  • Positioning in market as one of the largest universal credit-finance institutions, stably taking leading places among republic bank system subjects;

  • reinforcement of competitive Bank positions all over the country at the expense of effective development of regional subsidiaries networks and advanced technologies usage.


  • Mutual beneficial partner relationships with clients and contractors, aimed for the final result providing economic growth and profitability on the conditions of transparency and reasonableness, justified bank risk.


  • Modern bank products and services provision with regular introducing of advanced achievements in the field of informational technologies and bank business.


  • Understanding and satisfying of each client demands, implementation of demand conception for the largest audience, compliance with the most demanding requirements as large enterprises of different economy field as small and private business.


  • The provision of single high standards of bank service quality for all clients, not depending on size, form of entity, regional or international location.


  • Maintenance of perfect business reputation at the expense of timely obligations implementation towards its clients and business partners;

  • conducting of strict finance discipline and qualified risk management.


  • Forming of high professional and motivated team aimed for success and integrated by general corporative values.