Money transfers


Money transfer system "Asia Express"


Money transfer system «Asia Express» is designed Asia-Invest Bank (UAB) in 2006. Together with the partner system, provides money transfers of individuals without opening an account. The main direction of money transfers between Russia and Uzbekistan, as well as the CIS countries.

Terms transfer system «Asia Express» (using system partners)

Tarifs for transfers in USD and EUR with «Asia express» system The amount of transfer: 
  • Internal transfers with «Asia Express» system 1.4%
  • Between «Asia Express» and «UMTS» systems 1.4%
  • Between «Asia Express» and «Monex» systems1.5%
The commission pays only the SENDER.
transfer speed seconds
Option of sending translation
  • Internal transfers with «Asia Express» system
  • Between «Asia Express» and «UMTS» systems
  • Between «Asia Express» and «Monex» systems
payment of transfers
In departure points of the system 
  • «Asia Express» (Uzbekistan, Russia (Moscow));
  • «UMPS» (Russia, Byelorussia, Moldavia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan);
  • «Monex» (Azerbaijan, Georgia).
The recepient must have a passport and find transfer control number (PNC), who informed him of the sender. The sender must specify the correct recipient's details (name, first name) and inform the recipient money transfer control number (PNC).
Return transfer or receipt of unclaimed translation The sender can return transfer in case:
  • If you send money via«Asia Express»
  • Transfer has not been claimed or you change your mind
The sender must report it to the point at which the transfer was made. Commission for the execution of the money transfer is not refundable.


For more information on the operation of the system «Asia Express» you can get on the site and employers of the Division of remittances by phone +7(495) 363-37-01/02

Remittances sent by the above-mentioned systems, you can get from the first moment of transfer to the following paragraphs of international money transfers «Asaka» bank (JSC).