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Depositary cells


Information on depositary cells leasing by “Asaka” bank.

Depositary cells quantity –510 units;

Quantity of locks for depositary cells –510 units.

Depositary cells are consider as numerated boxes for keeping values and documents in the main lock box obligatory provided by leaseholder’s and bank’s lock.

Depositary cells are leased to legal entities and individual persons, residents and non residence of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Responsible persons for depositary cells management are defined by order of Department Manager (Subsidiary), Operator (Depositary Administrator) and Department Director (Subsidiary) of the bank, Directors of (Department) Subsidiaries of Bank can charge to one of his Deputy, if required.

Depositary cells leasing (in the deposit lock box of BF 3/L type):

(Are confirmed by order on “ASAKA” Bank (LTD) № 40 dd. 10th February 2008)

Payment for depositary cells leasing since 1st May 2019 makes:

One cell with dimensions (mm)


40 000 sum per one month


50 000 sum per one month

178х260х395 and more

60 000 sum per one month

Two cells simultaneously with dimensions (mm)

73х275х409 and 178х260х395

70 000 sum per one month

Penalty for keys of leased depositary cell loss

100 000 sum per one key

Depositary cells can be leased in the following “Asaka” Bank Subsidiaries:

Subsidiary name


Phone number

Tashkent Civil Subsidiary

73, Kakhkhar street, Tashkent city


Tashkent Regional Subsidiary

40, Akilov street, Tashkent city


Andijan Subsidiary

Sh. Rashidov street, Andijan town


Djizak Subsidiary

15, Sh. Rashidov street, Djizak town


Samarkand Subsidiary

7, Kuk-saroy square, Samarkand town


Fergana Subsidiary

1, A. Navoi street, Fergana town


Kokand Subsidiary

25, Istikll street, Kokand town, Fergana region