Plastic card




Overdraft – is bank crediting of the personal client’s account by money absence or inefficiency that will allow You to not worry on condition of your account and always have an opportunity to use credit means within the overdraft limit.

Overdraft on UZS plastic card is registers for borrower-holder whose regular workplace is the Enterprise with which “Asaka” bank concluded the Treaty on salary issuing to Enterprise workers by UZS plastic cards.

Trilateral treaty on overdraft provision by UZS credit card shall be concluded among borrower-holder, bank and Enterprise for overdraft registration by UZS card. Enterprise is guarantee behind borrower-holder’s bank according terms of the present treaty.

Enterprise worker having wished to take a credit on the overdraft terms by UZS card shall work in the Enterprise not less than 3 months.

Borrower-holder may overdraw an account by the card in order and conditions defined by the treaty on overdraft provision on UZS credit card with observance of re-currency, payment and urgency principles.

Terms of overdraft limit provision on UZS card.

Interest rate on overdraft is established in established at the present time in amount of 14% of annuals.

Maturity date makes one year.

Overdraft limits on UZS credit cards in amount of four salaries of borrower or three monthly average salaries of borrower-holder of credit card.

Borrower-holder shall fully sink a debt on overdraft within the defined by the treaty period on overdraft provision by UZS card.

All means coming into account of borrower-holder are directed for debt on overdraft and charged percents discharge. The debt on charged percents is discharged at first.

Borrower-holder shall provide bank the following documents for overdraft on UZS card registration:

  • application of borrower-holder for overdraft provision;
  • certificated on incomes from the regular workplace not less than for 3 months with indication of salary, work period on the present work and obligatory profits taxes if there are;
  • copy of passport.

In case of positive decision acceptance on overdraft limit provision, bank signs the treaty on overdraft provision on UZS card in three copies and transfers it for borrower-holder and Enterprise signing.

One copy of treaty is transfers to borrower-holder, another to Enterprise and the third stays in the bank after treaty signing on overdraft provision by UZS cards. Each copy of treaty has equal legal power.

Guarantee shall provide the information on new salary of borrower-holder by salary amount change. Overdraft limit will be changed.

Treaty on overdraft provision on UZS credit card will be terminated after debt discharging in case of borrower-holder dismissing from the regular work place.

Guarantee shall implement debt discharging according to the treaty on overdraft provision by UZS card if borrower-holder does not make overdraft and percents discharging.

Overdraft implementation is possible only by discharge from the card. Overdraft is unavailable by discharge from borrower-holder account in the bank. It is possible to load overdraft limit to UZS card by the condition when all means of the main borrower-holder’s account are loaded to UZS card.

Debt on overdraft and its percents are discharged by monthly salary transfer, other incomes and entrances or by cash money introduction to borrower-holder’s card account in the bank.