In order to strengthen confidence of population in the banking system, reduce the off-banking circulation of cash, promote further attraction of free cash of population for deposits, as well as according to fulfillment of requirements of the Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan «About additional measures for further stimulation of attraction of free funds of population and business enterprises for deposits in commercial banks» as of 6th of April 2009, «Asaka» bank is conducting certain work on attraction of free cash of population for deposits.

Deposits of population – is an important source of investment resources in a country’s economy. The number of appeals to the bank is increasing on a daily basis, which reflects increased confidence in the banking system.

Nowadays, «Asaka» bank has introduced 25 types of deposits.

«Asaka» Bank – is a guarantee of preserving and increasing your capital!

All your deposits are guaranteed by the Fund of Deposit Guarantee of Citizens in Banks Your deposits:

  • Must not to be declared;
  • Released from withholding of taxes and other obligatory payments;
  • Considered as a banking secrecy;
  • Can be used at your own discretion and without limitation;
  • Volume of deposits is not limited.